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Facility Project Updates

Upcoming Construction Projects

Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the La Entrada Middle School Master Plan

September 30, 2016


La Entrada Middle School Master Plan


2200 Sharon Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025


Las Lomitas Elementary School District (District)


September 30, 2016


September 30 – November 2, 2016


December 14, 2016


Las Lomitas Elementary School District

1011 Altschul Avenue

Menlo Park, CA 94025


Project Description: The proposed Project is located on the La Entrada Middle School campus. The Master Plan would be implemented in two phases. Phase 1 would include: 32,000 square-foot classroom building, new hard-courts and lunch area, new play structure, and modernization of campus systems. Phase 1 would increase student capacity by 104 students. Phase 2 would include: multi-purpose and two story classroom building, parking lot and drop-off improvements, new rear parking lot, physical education locker room building, refinished fields and running path, and modernization of existing classrooms.


Environmental Review: An Initial Study (IS) has been prepared under the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for review and action by the District. The IS evaluates the potential environmental impacts of the proposed Project. Based on the results of the IS prepared according to CEQA Guidelines, it has been determined the project will not have a significant effect on the environment and a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) has been prepared. The Project has been modified to incorporate mitigation measures identified in the IS that will reduce any potentially significant impacts to a less-than-significant level.


The Draft MND/IS is available for public review here: La Entrada Middle School Initial Study_092316_web.pdf


Any interested party may comment on the proposed MND/IS. All comments received will be considered by the District prior to finalizing the MND/IS and making a decision on the project. Written comments must be received no later than 4:00 pm on November 2, 2016 and sent to: 

Eric Holm, Director of Bond Projects

1011 Altschul Avenue

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Email: eholm@llesd.org

Designs continue to evolve

August 2016

The Design and Engineering teams have been working hard on the design development for our projects. There are many pending decisions regarding building layout, configurations, materials, and construction. There is a team of 25-30 architects, engineers, consultants, and contractors working on the development of the La Entrada building and they meet weekly to discuss the design evolution and component systems coordination in order to submit for our building permit.


At La Entrada we will submit for our permit approval in October. The design has continued to evolve as we have refined the drawings and we look forward to the future classrooms. We have also continued to experiment with the prototype furniture and have recirculated the furniture into new classrooms and new configurations for this new school year.


Construction will start as soon as school's out in June 2017 and we will erect a majority of the structural framing over the summer. We will also completely reconfigure the asphalt play area to be ready for the start of the 2017 school year. The overall construction will be completed in time for the 2018 school year to start.


At Las Lomitas we are working hard to submit the drawings for permit approval in January. We will also remove two portables in October site preparations for future construction.


Look for updates on our future buildings page!


Schematic Design approved by the Board

March 2, 2016


The School Board approved the schematic design and budgets at the last Board meeting on 2/4/16. 

At La Entrada, we will build a single 21 classroom building on the current blacktop area. We will also relocate the lunch area with a new shade structure, and relocate and expand the current blacktop surface. This work will also include demolition of a portion of the 30's wing to create a new outdoor academic courtyard. Additional improvements will include upgrades to site utilities, electrical services, and fire alarms. 


At Las Lomitas, we will build a new Kindergarten village, new second story classroom space above kindergarten, a new shade covered lunch area,  and a new Administration building along the Alameda frontage. The work will also reconfigure the current bus and car drop off zones to provide better access to campus and create a new drop off at the relocated administration building location.


For large images, see the Schematic Designs here.

15/16 School Year Begins

August 20, 2015

Welcome back to the new school year. We spent much of last year working at both sites to revise and update our Master Plans to more adequately fit our needs and our budgets. At the end of the last school year, the Board reviewed our direction and cost estimates and gave direction to proceed based on the Master Plan revision schemes we developed. As soon as we decided on the direction, we began preparing for our future buildings. Those preparations are both a mixture of planning and construction.

One of the immediate changes you will notice is at La Entrada.  We added some additional portable classrooms this summer and relocated some existing classrooms that were located in the future building footprint. These new buildings expanded the West Wing portable village further into the fields but we were careful to keep a minimal building footprint to preserve field area. This work also required a PG&E service upgrade. Construction this summer has been successful and was completed a week ahead of schedule.

Our experiments with movable furniture last year proved very successful and we begin the year with another two classrooms of prototype furniture at the fourth grade level. We based this second round of prototypes on what we learned from the first round and hope the prototypes continue to inform our future classroom layouts. The feedback last year was overwhelmingly positive from both the students and the teachers that were experimenting with the movable furniture. 

On the planning side, we completed traffic studies at La Entrada and surveys at both sites on transportation modes to and from school. We also surveyed the future construction areas at both sites and are beginning work on CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) studies for the new construction, continued assessments of traffic improvements, and initial architectural programming of our new construction.  

As the new year starts we will begin developing the designs for the new two- story, 22 classroom building, blacktop reconfiguration, and covered lunch area at La Entrada and the new Kindergarten village, revised parking and drop off areas, second story classroom spaces and covered lunch area at Las Lomitas. There will be many more meetings and development to come as the plans start to take shape. As the plans progress, we will share the direction with future website updates, PTA meetings, and community meetings.



Additional Portables Summer 2015

July 14, 2015


This summer we are continuing to move things around to make room for our future construction. We are moving (3) portables, adding a net of (2) new portables and replacing (1) portable as well as changing out the PG&E transformer at the Gym. All of this work is to prepare us for this coming school year as well as prepare the campus for our future new two- story classroom building at La Entrada. 

Work is progressing on schedule and we anticipate a successful start of school with the enlarged West Wing relocatable building housing most of the fourth and fifth grade students. 

For those that are curious, usually the relocatables come in sections and they are then bolted together on site. For this project we were able to move the existing portables without taking them apart. The videos below show them being moved into place. They move slowly, a little bit at a time but it saves us a lot of time overall in emptying the classrooms and taking things apart inside. 

Water Conservation at LLESD

April 13, 2015


In an effort to address California's water shortage, Governor Brown issued an executive order (Order-B-29-15) on April 1, 2015 that mandates a 25% statewide reduction in water use. The State Water Board will be developing specific regulations for water use in our area, for release in May. At that time we will have a much better understanding of what our District needs to do to be in compliance. In the meantime, we are developing strategies to further reduce our use of water to meet these new regulations.


The District has always made efforts to be environmentally sensitive -- our water conservation efforts began last year at the first signs of a statewide water shortage. At both campuses our custodial teams developed new ways to clean classroom furnishings without water. We also conducted a plumbing fixtures survey at both campuses to identify ways to save water in the classrooms. We have low-flow toilets in all restrooms and aerators on classroom faucets. We've always worked hard to balance our existing sprinkler systems and to keep sprinkler heads in good repair so that the water use on the fields is efficient. As a result of these actions, our district-wide water use in 2014 was down 18% over our use in 2013.


Simply put, the effect of the new water reduction regulations will be that we continue to creatively balance the needs of students and faculty, the need for clean learning environments, the uses of our fields, and the investments we've made in landscaping.    


Here's a summary of what that might look like:

  • The largest portion of our water usage is for fields and landscaping, so our primary focus will be further reductions in those areas.
  • The most extreme changes will be in water allocated to the landscaped areas within the campuses so that we can make less severe reductions to our fields. These fields are used by our PE staff at both campuses for instruction, by all students for recess play, and by the community for youth sports.
  • We hope to accomplish our water reduction goals while keeping the fields in reasonable shape for their many uses by us and the community. You will, however, begin to see areas on both campuses that start to yellow as the summer progresses. 

As we come out of the rainy season we typically turn sprinklers back on. This year we've already made significant reductions to sprinkling time in all areas. We will be monitoring and changing these systems on a weekly basis throughout the spring and summer to balance our water reduction goals against the need to keep plants alive. We are also preparing for some summer construction and have been planning to cut the water to that area a month early. This coordination has required meeting with our various user groups (PE, Menlo Park, Soccer, Phillips Brooks) over the last couple of months to coordinate our intentions and plans. Our goal in the past has been to "keep it looking good". Our new goal is "keep it alive."


As members of the community, we take our responsibilities seriously. We must all contribute to water conservation for the benefit of all citizens. We also see these actions as learning opportunities for our students, to know and believe that the environment matters and that we can make a difference. Thank you for your understanding and support as we navigate the upcoming dry months. If you have any questions concerning our conservation efforts, please email Eric Holm, Director of Bond Projects at eholm@llesd.org, or Joyce Massaro, Maintenance Supervisor at jmassaro@llesd.org.

Master Plan Revisions

February 12, 2015


From a facilities perspective, it has been a dynamic and interesting time in our district. What follows is a summary of plan modifications and actions taken in our efforts to efficiently deploy our bond funds and make the most sustainable and wise construction decisions possible to serve our growing student body into the future.




At La Entrada, we have contended with parameter shifts, necessitating some adjustments to the existing Facilities Master Plan. To ensure appropriate and timely revisions, we engaged Cody Anderson Wasney Architects (CAW). The parameter changes were: (1) Fire Department access requirements to new construction, 

(2) Enrollment increases that exceeded projections, and (3) Increased construction costs due to the robust local economy (including increases for temporary space and land acquisition costs).


After extensive collaborative meetings with CAW, facilities committee members, District Administration, District Facilities team, Community Members and School Board Members, we are working on creative solutions that will allow us to stay within budget and meet scheduling projections. The major adjustments currently under exploration are: (1) A more flexible approach to green space usage and modernization of existing classroom wings, including courtyard infill projects to connect wings for maximum collaborative opportunity, (2) Utilization of previously unused space on campus for improved parking and traffic circulation, (3) A large, new two story classroom building and improved lunch area, and (4) A better sited future Multi-Use Building.


We are currently assessing cost and feasibility of these proposals with the intention of adhering to the spirit of our original goals, which have been reworked to address the new developments. These goals are: (1) Providing permanent classrooms instead of portables, (2) Maximizing use of green space, and (3) Creating flexible, collaborative 21st century learning spaces.




As many of you know, after the original Facilities Master Plan was approved, we had the unique opportunity to expand the Las Lomitas campus by acquiring an adjacent acre of land. Since then, we have engaged in robust planning and study sessions with all stakeholders. This has included an extensive review of drop-off and pick-up zones and "safe routes to schools" solutions as well as floodplain engineering research. With this completed, our priorities can be more easily addressed, with these goals at the forefront: (1) Providing permanent classrooms instead of portables, (2) Improving campus traffic flow, (3) Addressing flood prevention concerns, and (4) Staying within our original bond fund budget. We have also planned flexibly to seamlessly incorporate the new land into our campus, and preserve open space where practical, including allocating space for an expanded Multi-Use building in the future.


As always, if you have any questions or feedback on this process, please feel free to contact me.

Summer Construction Progress

Summer 2014


We spent the summer preparing for new students at La Entrada by adding classroom capacity, enlarging the lunch area, and reconfiguring prototype furniture classrooms.

At Las Lomitas we began reworking the master plan to incorporate the added property purchased last year. This is a length process to incorporate the land into school zoning and we are currently working with the California Department of Education to complete the process. At the same time, we initiated traffic studies to review the existing traffic conditions and make recommendations for near and long term improvements to the traffic patterns on campus as well as in the community. 


Take a look at our La Entrada page for more information. 

Take a look at our Las Lomitas page for more information.

LLESD Construction Updates

Renderings of Future Las Lomitas Buildings

Renderings of the Future Classroom Building at LE

Schematic Design Board Presentation

Summer 2015 West Wing expansion and reconfiguration

Alternate view of building moving

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Relocatable building being moved into place

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Master Plan Revisions

Las Lomitas House Demo

Las Lomitas House Demo