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Board Agendas, Minutes, and Meeting Handouts can all be found on  LLESD's Agenda Online website.

Board Meeting Dates for 2022-23


Mission, Vision, Values and Student Profile

The LLESD Mission, Vision, and Values statement and Student Profile were approved by the Board at the December 15, 2021 Board Meeting.


Recordings of Board Meetings- 2020- present

NEW - Video of Board Meetings 
April 2020 - present


Board Policies
The Governing Board of the Las Lomitas Elementary School District updates policies quarterly in order to be in compliance with recent Federal and State mandates and changes in the law.  Policies can be found in our CSBA GAMUT supported website.

Governing Board

LLESD Strategic Vision Inclusive. Engaging

The LLESD Strategic Plan and VISION 2025 was approved by the Board at the June 10, 2021 Board Meeting. 

Approved Strategic Plan and Vision 2025

Strategic Plan Brochure

Board Goals

Revised: 1-17-18

  1. Student.  Every student will participate in a rigorous, relevant and innovative curriculum and will experience high quality instruction every day that engages, challenges and prepares them to thrive in a globally competitive and information-rich environment.  Students will graduate from LLESD well prepared for high school and beyond, as resilient learners, effective problem-solvers and caring, involved citizens who contribute productively to their communities.

  2. Teaching.  Teaching in every classroom will be effective, engaging, relevant and responsive to the evolving needs of our students.  District leaders will focus attention on student learning and on developing coherent curriculum and consistent instruction within and across grade levels and subject areas so that each student in our district will have an effective and engaging learning experience that meets the district’s high standards of excellence.  

  3. Learning Environment.   Attend to the emotional, physical well-being and safety of all students and staff through the ongoing maintenance of existing facilities as well as the design, development and implementation of the facilities master plan.  Foster a district-wide culture of learning in which professionals and students are supported to take risks, to work collaboratively, to reflect on their learning and to continuously grow and develop.

  4. Community.  Educate the Las Lomitas Elementary School District parent community and the surrounding community about the work that LLESD is engaged in and regularly seek out their feedback and ideas about how the district can better achieve its goals.  Involve and engage all community stakeholders in supporting and sustaining the district’s work, particularly the district’s goal to develop graduates who are caring and involved citizens.

  5. Fiscal.  Maintain and adopt policies that ensure fiscally responsible use of district resources to support student learning and other district goals while attending to the short and long term financial stability of the district.

LLESD School Board

The Las Lomitas Elementary School District (LLESD) Governing Board has five elected members, each serving a four-year term.  Elections are held in even-numbered years, and terms are staggered with either two or three seats open each election.  Individuals who are interested in serving a term in office file for candidacy through the San Mateo County Elections Office.

Important information on running for a board seat in the November 8, 2022 election

  • The San Mateo County Registration & Elections Division is the Election Official. San Mateo County’s elections website. Note: LLESD has no part in the filing process. Candidate filing is done directly through the election office. 

  • Candidates must be 18 years of age and live within the district boundaries. 

  • The filing date opens on Monday, July 18, 2022, and the closing date is Friday, August 12, 2022.

Members of the Governing Board:

Jason Morimoto - President

Heather Hopkins - Clerk

Molly Finn

Gautam Nadella

Cynthia Solis Yi



Term expires 2024


Term expires 2022


Term expires 2022        


Term expires 2022


Term expires 2022


Agenda Online

Las Lomitas School District uses the Agenda Online website to post and track all information about School Board meetings, including meeting agendas, minutes, and supporting materials used in those meetings. We recommend that you bookmark the LLESD Online Agenda link to stay up-to-date with the Las Lomitas School Board.  

Regular Meetings are held monthly, with times, dates, and locations found on the Agenda Online website  The meeting agenda is posted at the District Office and each school campus three days before the meeting.  Regular Meetings consist of a Closed Session, where items regarding personnel, negotiations, and pending litigation may be discussed, and an Open Session that is open to the public.


Members of the public may address the Board regarding agenda items at the time they are discussed, or during Public Comment for items not on the agenda. Special Meeting are held at the District Office, or at another location within the District.  The meeting agenda is posted at the District Office and each school campus before the meeting. Special Meetings are held to conduct business that must be completed before the next Regular Meeting and may consist of both Open and Closed sessions.

Budget Workshops are working sessions during which the budget for the next fiscal year is developed. 

Board Agendas, Minutes, and Meeting Handouts before October 2015 are available in the District Office.