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Frequently asked questions about La Entrada

La Entrada

Summer Construction at LE

June 2017

Summer Construction started the moment the students left campus. 

The day after school got out, XL construction cleared the site and removed the asphalt playground to start grading the building pad. The summer goal is to get as much done while students are off so we have taken over the whole site. Summer plans include:

Site grading

Underground utilities installation

Pier Drilling and construction

Grade Beam installation

Concrete slab installation

Site retaining walls

Bioswale installation


New Two Story, 21 Classroom Building

Spring 2017

We are currently planning for the construction of our new two story classroom building at La Entrada. The District has contracted with XL Construction to build our new building and sitework starting this summer. We will break ground as soon as school ends and much of the building's structural framing will be completed by the start of school in August 2017. The building, designed by CAW Architects, is organized around a central atrium and hallway on the ground floor and breakout collaboration space on the second floor.


The classrooms are designed to foster collaboration within the class environment and between adjacent classrooms as needed. Most classrooms have operable partitions that allow the room to open to the adjacent classroom to provide joint use opportunities. Collaboration pods are shared between classrooms and allow for group collaboration activities, differentiated learning, breakout sessions, one on one review, or self guided learning. Where possible, the classrooms also have operable partitions to the collaboration spaces outside the classrooms to provide additional educational opportunities beyond the classroom walls. The versatility these rooms provide will accommodate changes in curriculum, subject matter, and style for the next 50 years. 


The construction will last a little over a year. With our summer start, we plan to complete construction in the summer of 2018 and move into the building in time for the start of the 2018-2019 school year. 


New Construction 1
New Construction 2



Newly Completed Lunch Area

Summer 2014

The expanded lunch area provides much needed extra real estate for additional tables so everyone can enjoy sitting together at lunch. Those that remember the old lunch area will recall the sloped grass area that transitioned from the higher elevation of the lunch area down to the field. With the expanded lunch area, instead of reproducing that same slope, we decided to incorporate a seating wall in the grade shift. The new seating wall will be enjoyed by students at lunch. PE classes as a lecture space, and as bleachers for weekend community field use. This repurposing of space for dual uses is an example of our future planning approach to our building program. 

Summer 2014 Projects

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Temporary Classroom Village
New Relocatable Village