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Frequently asked questions about Las Lomitas

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This FAQ pertains to Las Lomitas specific questions

When will students be in the new classrooms?

We anticipate our kindergarten classrooms opening at the start of the 2018/19 school year.

When will construction be completed?

We plan to finish our Priority 1 buildings at Las Lomitas by the spring of 2019.

Will there be Artificial Turf installed?

There are currently no plans for Artificial Turf at the LL campus

Will the buildings be Energy Effiencent?

Yes. We are participating in PG&E's Savings By Design grant program as part of our building program. Our Buildings are currently targetted at 22% more efficient than the building code.

Will the buildings be LEED Certified?

At this time there are no plans to pursue LEED Certification.

Will LL have Solar Panels?

We will design all our buildings so they are "solar-ready" to reduce any future solar retrofit costs. Those measures would include providing excess conduit capacity that will be needed with solar installations, planning for solar panels in the roof design, allowing for inverter space in electrical rooms, and other infrastructure components that will be more cost effective to install when the building is being built.

Will you install electric vehicle charging stations?

Similar to our solar strategy, we are installing infrastructure for future EV charging stations.

What are you building at Las Lomitas?

Our Priority 1 components include both new buildings and new site amenities.

The Building components include:
• 8 Kindergarten Classrooms
• New two story building w/ kinder & standard classrooms
• New admin building
• New flex classroom building

The site amenities include:
• New Car drop off and parking configuration along Alameda
• New Bus entrance along Camino al Lago
• New traffic signal and driveway alignment with Walsh Rd
• New kindergarten playground
• New admin quad for school gatherings
• New covered lunch area

Las Lomitas

Public Information meeting on Construction Activities

Please join us Tuesday September 5, 2017 at 6:00pm in Cano Hall on the Las Lomitas Campus to hear about our construction project and the upcoming improvements. 

Las Lomitas Summer work begins

June 2017

We started this summer work by getting ready for our future development.

Summer improvements include:

Site utilities installed while students are away

PG&E transformer installation prep

New Fire Service

Champions Day Care relocation

Demo of existing buildings

Driveway modifications to Camino Al Lago entrance and new bike parking

Site prep and rough grading 

New Las Lomitas Development

Spring 2017

We will break ground this summer on our new buildings that will dramatically transform the campus. When we began plannign for our expansion and renovation of the campus, in addition to needing more classroom space to replace the temporary classrooms, we realized the school needed a new front door. Our new campus layout will improve campus safety and give the school a new identity to help with site security and wayfinding.


Located along the busy Alameda thoroughfare, the current entrance creates a bottleneck at an intersection that is not capable of handling the high traffic capacity. We redesigned the front drop off so that the car and bus drop off will be switched to separate traffic and more evenly distribute it across the campus entrances. In the future, our goal is for cars to drop off along the Alameda frontage and exit campus through a signalized intersection that is aligned with Walsh Road. This will hopefully improve the dreaded left turn exit from the parking lot and will provide signalized crossing for pedestrian access to cross the busy Alameda. 


Along with the relocated car drop off, we are relocating the flag pole and the administration building to face the Alameda frontage. This will give the campus a new front door and a central entrance point to campus. Flanking the Administration building will be a new Kindergarten wing and play area as well as second story classroom space for the upper grades. The relocated Admin building also serves to mitigate potential flooding issues that have plagued the campus in the past. We have experienced classroom flooding in the past with a 10 year storm event so there was a significant concern to mitigate the issue. We will now collect water in the parking lot and convey it underneath the admin building to release it past the buildings so our classrooms do not flood in a 100 year storm event.


Behind the Administration building will be a new quad that will be flanked by the existing and new two story buildings and will have a covered lunch area at the rear. This will allow the campus to have large exterior gatherings during the beneficial spring and fall weather periods. 


We will break ground in the late summer of 2017 and will complete construction by the winter of 2018. 



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