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Kelly Muenzen

Julia De Saram

For a Healthier School Year: 

  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep at night ™
  • Eat breakfast. ™™
  • Carry a backpack on both shoulders ; don't carry more than 30% of your weight
  • ™Wash hands before eating, after using the bathroom, after coughing or blowing nose or carry a hand sanitizer to use frequently
  • ™Exercise each day


About our Health Services

Kelly Muenzen and Julia De Saram are the part-time school nurses, serving both campuses. Through a local grant from the Sequoia Healthcare Districtwe are fortunate to have such services available to our students. Kelly's hours are Tuesday through Friday 10-3 at Las Lomitas, and Julia's hours are daily Monday through Thursday 10-3 at La Entrada.



Immunization Laws & Tdap

Immunization Requirements K-12


Additional Immunization Requirements for 7th Grade

Important Notice Regarding Immunization Requirements

All students enrolling in the Las Lomitas Elementary School District (LLESD) must satisfy California State Immunization Requirements prior to enrollment. Please see the Shots for School website for a guide to the requirements.


Students enrolling in LLESD from outside of the United States are also subject to the immunization requirements of the State of California and will not be admitted until all requirements are met. We will need proper documentation of your child's immunization with English translation as necessary to verify the records.


Please note: Your child will not receive class placement until all state required immunizations have been met.


For additional questions about the requirements, please call Las Lomitas School at 650-854-5900 or La Entrada School at 650-854-3962.

Coordinated School Health Model and CDC Healthy Schools Website