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Tools and Content for Distance Learning

For Students

All LLESD students are provided with a “Google Suite for Education” account. Google Suite is a set of online tools for communication, collaboration, time-management, and document storage, mostly in grades 3-8. These will be many teacher’s primary tools for virtual teaching and learning, although teachers do have some flexibility to use other tools in which students have familiarity. Contact Bobbi Thielemann or Michelle Pitt if you need login information. 

Google Classroom: a virtual classroom space. Teachers can share resources, assign tasks,
and give feedback. This will likely be the main portal for instruction. Teachers will also provide
links to other online tools necessary for student learning.
Google Meet: a video conferencing tool that allows teachers and students to collaborate easily
and efficiently in real-time.
Gmail: a full functioning e-mail program
Google Calendar: a customizable calendar and to-do list
GoogleDocs: a word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing program that allows
multi-user access and editing
Google Drive: file storage that integrates with Google Docs

SeeSaw: is a learning sharing platform used by some classes in K-5. Learners regularly post evidence of learning in Seesaw and teachers share feedback with learners there as well. During Distance Learning, teachers who already use this program will use it to share communications and assignments with their students. Teachers will let parents know how to access classroom SeeSaw accounts.

Zoom: Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool that allows teachers and students/families to meet online, with or without video. Teachers users can choose to record sessions, collaborate on projects, and share or annotate on one another’s screens.  Some teachers are using Zoom instead of Google Meet.  The District is setting up District level Zoom accounts and they should be available after spring break.

Student Expectations: All of these tools are housed on the Internet and can be accessed from any Internet-connected device with any web-browser, although Chrome may provide the best functionality. No special software is required. When accessing technology and participating in distance learning, students are expected to abide by the rules outlined within the LLESD  Acceptable Use Agreement of Technology Policy. Please review the AUP for K-3 and for 4-8  We ask for your support to ensure appropriate online behavior from all students.

Parent/Guardian Responsibility: While we monitor students closely when they are using technology at school, we ask to partner with our families during this time of remote learning. Parents/Guardians assume responsibility for the supervision of Internet use outside of school. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to discuss family rules and expectations for using Internet-based tools, including Google Suite for Education. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to report any evidence of cyberbullying or other inappropriate use to the site administrators.

For Staff

Zoom: Comprehensive Guide to Educating Through Zoom

Google Products: Teach from Home: A temporary hub for information and tools to help  teachers teach during the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis

Seesaw: Help Center, Digital Learning with Seesaw course