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2020-21 Virtual Classroom

The Las Lomitas Elementary School District has put together this website to support all parents and staff with our recent move to distance learning for all students. This website contains resources, tools, and guidance on how to do remote learning successfully. The information and knowledge you'll find on this website come largely from the experiences and advice of those who have gone through this before us and the guidance of the California Department of Education.  We are immensely grateful for the work that our local districts have shared with us through the support of the San Mateo County Office of Education.  We hope that our versions might be of support to our colleagues across the county and beyond. Additionally, the information contained on this website is always subject to change as we learn, grow, and adapt to the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic making its way through San Mateo County, our country, and the world.

Reopening Plan

Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third In-Person (Full VC students stay in 9-2 schedule until their grade level is back on campus)

✤ 8:15-12:30 Monday- Friday (20 minute recess/snack)

  • ✤ Kindergarten starts 10/19
  • ✤ First grade starts 10/26
  • ✤ Second grade starts 11/2
  • ✤ Third grade starts 11/9

Fourth and Fifth (full VC students stay in 9-2 schedule until their grade level is in person)

✤ Grade 4/5 8:30-12:50 (20 minute recess/snack)

  • ✤Fifth Grade 11/2
  • ✤ Fourth Grade 11/9

✤ Grade 6-8 8:45 - 2:35 (lunch and 4th and 8th period will be VC)