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Schematic Design

How do you design a building? Lots of meetings

Summer 2016

The design of a 33,000 SF building requires an incredible amount of coordination to ensure all the systems are aligned and integrated into the building. The mechanical engineer needs room for HVAC ductwork while the Electrical engineer needs room for electrical conduits while the structural engineer needs room for steel columns, beams, and brace frames. All the components need to tie together to make the building function efficiently. All this coordination requires meetings upon meetings upon meetings to ensure that each component is working together appropriately. 3.5 x 5 in Page 1
3.5 x 5 in Page 2

La Entrada 2 story development

Summer 2016

The Design Team uses a number of different means to develop the building designs. Those include hand sketches, computer renderings, drafted elevations, material mock ups, and various building models to visualize the buildings before they are built.  

Detail Sketches
Series of Detail Sketches 


Coordination Sketches
Coordination drawings 


Window Studies

Window Elevation studies


20160802 154659

Model utilized to analyze entrance roof


20160802 171502
Southeast Elevation of building model


20160805 120244East entrance mockup


central staircase
Interior study of central staircase




Schematic Design approved by the Board

March 2, 2016


The School Board approved the schematic design and budgets at the last Board meeting on 2/4/16. 

At La Entrada, we will build a single 21 classroom building on the current blacktop area. We will also relocate the lunch area with a new shade structure, and relocate and expand the current blacktop surface. This work will also include demolition of a portion of the 30's wing to create a new outdoor academic courtyard. Additional improvements will include upgrades to site utilities, electrical services, and fire alarms. 


At Las Lomitas, we will build a new Kindergarten village, new second story classroom space above kindergarten, a new Admin building, a new shade covered lunch area,  and a new Administration building along the Alameda frontage. The work will also reconfigure the current bus and car drop off zones to provide better access to campus and create a new drop off at the relocated administration building location.